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Welcome to the Miss. Rita Jane Robinson Media Center!



At Overby Sheppard Elementary, our library is more than just a repository of books; it's a gateway to imagination, knowledge, and lifelong learning. We are committed to providing a vibrant and welcoming space where students, teachers, and families can explore, discover, and grow together. Through diverse collections, innovative programs, and personalized support, we strive to ignite a passion for reading, empower critical thinking skills, and foster a culture of curiosity and inquiry. Our mission is to inspire every member of our community to become lifelong learners, compassionate citizens, and engaged participants in the world of ideas. Together, we celebrate the joy of reading and embrace the transformative power of education.


On Thursday, August 31, 2023, our elementary school joyously celebrated the dedication of our media center to the esteemed Miss. Rita Jane Robinson, who retired after a remarkable career dedicated to nurturing young minds. With smiles and gratitude, students, teachers, and staff gathered to honor Miss Robinson's lifelong commitment to education and her unwavering dedication to fostering a love of learning in every child she encountered. The Miss Rita Jane Robinson Media Center now stands as a testament to her enduring influence, filled with the books and resources that fueled her passion for teaching and inspired countless students over the years. Though retired, Miss Robinson's impact will continue to resonate within our school community, shaping future generations of learners for years to come.

“May The Work I’ve Done Speak for Me”


Rita Jane Robinson has celebrated forty-four years with Richmond Public Schools.  Her teaching career began at Mary Munford and the remaining forty- three years were spent nurturing, cultivating the academic and social success of students at Overby Sheppard Elementary School.  Miss Robinson’s dedication is evidenced in her high expectations for the students, parents and the entire Overby Sheppard family.

Rita Jane is a product of Richmond Public Schools, elementary, middle and high school.  She was inspired to become an educator by her first-grade teacher who loved and cared for all of her students.  Her instinctive commitment to serving others was instilled in her by her loving parents, the Detective Sergeant James E. Robinson, Jr. and the late Hazel A. Robinson, a long-time nurse at M.C.V. and her brother Ronald S. Robinson, a retired Foreign Service Officer.   Consequently, as a high school student, she began to hone her skills working with children, tutoring in afterschool programs, working as a summer camp counselor for the Richmond area YWCA and as the neighborhood babysitter.

Upon entering Virginia State College (University), Rita Jane knew that she wanted to study Early Childhood Education.  Her genuine interest in children grew further as a student teacher during her senior year.  She found the experience of education and preparing very young children for their future years of education both rewarding and gratifying.

As a first-year teacher in Richmond Public Schools, Rita Jane had the privilege of working with some of her former teachers who not only mentored and supported her, but confirmed her career choice of teaching.   She realized that the duties of a teacher reach far beyond the classroom, so, she utilized her extensive dance training to expand the social and cultural exposure of her students by forming the Overby Sheppard Elementary School Tappers. They performed at Nursing Homes, Schools and many other local events.

A previous administrator regards Rita Jane Robinson as an “educator’s educator”.  She unselfishly shares her wisdom and knowledge with all of her colleagues, passing on the passion and compassion that were afforded to her as a young teacher.

As a sterling example of her professionalism, Miss Robinson has received many awards and accolades during her career, including Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, Richmond Public Schools Good Apple Award, and was twice named Overby Sheppard Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year, among others.

Teaching has been a very rewarding profession for her and has given her the opportunity to be of service not only to her children but to her children’s children.  Consequently, she has been immeasurably enriched by knowing she has made difference in a child’s life.  

Being retired, she has not stopped showing her love for children yet.   A volunteer reader monthly for RVA reads, active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated on various educational committee’s (working with children) and her passion still volunteering at her pride and joy Overby Sheppard Elementary School.  The words of one of her favorite hymns say, “May the Work I’ve Done Speak for Me”.